September 11, 2016


Our services include also sell new and used machine tools and equipment selection to suit all customer requirements.

Proposed used machine tools: lathes | drilling and boring machines | grinding machines | gear cutting machines | planing and slotting machines | milling machines.

A turning universal machine and CNC lathe serve primarily for handling bodies of rotation (shafts, pipes, rings), by removing one or more layers of material. Lathes on types and nomenclature occupy a leading place among the other groups of the metal cutting equipment.

Drilling and boring machines are used for drilling, boring, tapping, reaming and deployment of through and blind holes in different shapes and configurations details.

Grinding machines are used for finishing operations after turning, drilling, boring, milling processing body parts such as the shaft and any other forms.

Planing and slotting machines are used for planing and chiselling grooves, flat and shaped surfaces.

Machining center (CNC) are gaining share among all groups of machines, due to its flexibility and versatility. Used for complex machining in a single setup, which allows for processing on five sides by all kinds of tools. Machining centers are designed and assembled on the basis of turning, milling, boring and other types of machines.

All used machines are purchased, controlled and tested revision of capital: – Check the accuracy of the machine; – Check and replace all worn parts; – Washing and cleaning the machine; – Repair or replacement of worn parts; – Validation and interaction units and mechanisms; – Complete mechanical testing machine; – Coating and painting of surfaces.

MATOUSHIQU able to provide various types of used machine tools at the national and international markets.