September 11, 2016


Welcome to MATOUSHIQU – High Quality Used Machine Tools

High Quality Used European Machine Tools was founded as a reference point in the machine trade used tools for metalworking.

We supply used European machines to the market only the best brands, with high reliability and accuracy. Our expertise allows us to cover the needs of the markets of Europe and the Community of Independent States (Russia ‐ Ukraine ‐ Belarus ‐ Kazakhstan ‐ Lithuania ‐ Estonia ‐ Latvia ‐ Moldova ‐, etc…). Our company also cooperates with native speakers.

Our equipment is taken exclusively from serious and reliable italian customers, and before giving our equipment on the market, undergoes a thorough inspection and monitoring. Working our experts have extensive and diverse experience in the revisions of various type and condition of the metalcutting equipment. The applied technology inspection and repair of machines based on modern innovation. In our work we use only proven and effective practice materials from leading manufacturers. After the above‐mentioned revision of our used machines come to the market in excellent working condition.

Also we are engaged in the search, selection and recovery of the equipment on the basis of customer needs and the direction of its activities or its particular application.

We guarantee quality products and value our customers, including both big factories and small manufacturing companies.
Our benchmark long‐term and mutually beneficial cooperation.